Wines handcrafted the old fashioned way with hard work and good stewardship of the land. Virginia grapes produced in small lots to express the quality and flavors of each growing season that will pair deliciously with local cheeses, handmade chocolates and farm fresh berries grown on the farm.

Ciders are made in the still dry French style and lightly carbonated sweeter American style of crisp fresh fruit and inviting citrus aromas made with 100% Virginia apples.


Cider styles can vary from very dry and still to very sweet and bubbly. Cheers to them all! Our Ciders are made with our farm fresh berries and produce to make it taste more homegrown.

Lil Tart Hard Cider

Heirloom cider blend has a brilliant golden color that emanates delicate aromas of lemon grass and apple blossoms. Savor flavors of tart quince and candied ginger with a medium body on the finish. Enjoy this with goat cheese, fresh melon & prosciutto, and raspberry pie.

Getting Saucy Cranberry Hard Cider

Heirloom cider blend fermented on fresh tart cranberries. A rose color emanating aromas of fresh raspberries and pears. Savor flavors of strawberry jam and ripe red currants that finish with a delightful mild sweetness. Enjoy chilled with extra sharp cheddar cheese, strawberry rhubarb pie, and roast turkey.


Meads are Honey wines made from our own bees and local deep well water fermented with farm fresh berries and produce from the farm, for a deliciously sweet libation.

Blueberry Pie Mead

We use blueberry blossom honey collected after the bees pollinate the blueberry fields in spring and ferment it almost dry to let the aromas of fresh blueberry bushes shine through on the bouquet. Steel purple in color with flavors of tart plums with hints of blueberry. Chill and enjoy with pink peppercorn goat cheese, smoked salmon, or blueberry pie.

Pumpkin Pie Mead

Spiced roasted pumpkins and wildflower honey come together in this wine to give a wonderful copper color with aromas of cinnamon and clove. Savor flavors of honey and pumpkin pie that finish with a succulent sweetness. Chill and enjoy this with smoked cheddar, roast turkey, and pumpkin pie.


Zoll Vineyards, a homegrown American winery producing 5000 cases of wine in both New & Old World Styles. Our focus is on quality in the kitchen, vineyard and in the winery. Frank Zoll, Vintner works with local growers within the state to blend with the estate fruit to create his Virginia cuvees.

Dry Rosé

Native Catawba fermented on its skins for 7 days to bring its great ruby color. This Dry Rose wine made from native pink skinned juice grape have a delicate fragrance of grapefruit blossoms and cotton candy. This wine emanates flavors of pink lemonade and orange marmalade. Enjoy this with fresh mangos, cheese fondue, and glazed hams.

Dry Riesling

This is a blend of 75 % Riesling, and 25% Traminette. Traminette is a great compliment to Riesling. It offers a zesty grapefruit spiciness that really accentuates the bright grassy minerality in our local Riesling. A brilliant golden luster with rich fragrant aromas of peach, honeydew, and pineapple. Chill and enjoy with She Crab soup, pimento cheese, fried catfish, and blackberry pie.

Unoaked Chardonnay

Chardonnay fermented in all stainless steel and innoculated with malolactic bacteria. Classic golden straw color with inviting aromas of golden raspberry and lime on the nose. Flavors of golden pineapple linger on the palate with a crisp quince finish. Chill and enjoy this with grilled oysters, swordfish, and lemon meringue pie.

Mariners Blend

This reserve blend of premium select varietals sourced from coastal wine regions get aged in American and Hungarian oak barrels for 12 months. Enjoy sensuous black fruit and vanilla bouquet, followed by layers of black licorice, ripe red currants, coffee that finishes with a light peppery spice. Enjoy with grilled Rib Eye steaks, BBQ, and chocolate pecan pie.

Cabernet Franc

This coastal blend of Cabernet Franc has a great ruby color. Savor spicy herbaceous aromas of peppered asparagus that finished with ripe cherry and blackberry flavors. Aged for 6 months in American and Hungarian oak barrels to help soften tannins and accentuate a pleasant lingering spice as it ages. Enjoy with smoked gouda, grilled rockfish, venison or milk chocolate.

Lighthouse Blend

Our Lighthouse blend is made of Native, Hybrid, and Vinifera grape varietals that explode with fresh berry aromas while luscious grape jam flavors fill your palate. This is a sweeter grape wine for casual sipping at the beach or making your favorite Sangria! Enjoy this with chocolate covered bacon, savory truffle cheeses, or warm island days.

Reserve (Cab Franc)

Cab Franc Reserve aged in French, American, and Hungarian oak barrels for 2 years followed by 2 years bottle aging in the cellar. This old world wine has inky hues followed by aromas of chocolate, leather, and raspberry jam. Savor flavors of black cherry, licorice, and tobacco with layers of tannins representing a wealth of terroirs’. Enjoy with dark chocolate covered strawberries, Chateau Briand, or Roquefort Blue Cheese.


Apple Cinnamon & Honey

This sangria is made with naturally sweet fruit juices and bursting with cinnamon spice. Inviting aromas of crisp apples followed by sweet wildflower honey flavors on the finish.

Blueberry Lavender

This sangria is made with naturally sweet fruit juices, blueberries, and local lavender flowers. Savor the brilliant pink color with inviting fruity floral aromas. Enjoy the delicious sweet flavor of ripe berries followed by a slight tartness on the finish.

Cranberry Lime

This sangria is made with naturally sweet fruit juices and fresh limes. Enjoy its brilliant ruby color followed by fresh tart cranberry aromas. Savor tart flavors of fresh citrus followed with a sweet cider finish.

Hibiscus Watermelon

This sangria is made with naturally sweet fruit juices, fresh watermelon, and hibiscus flowers. Enjoy its garnet color and fresh watermelon aromas. Savor the decadent tropical sweetness with a long lingering finish.

Pineapple Strawberry Lemonade

This sangria is made with naturally sweet fruit juices, fresh strawberries, and ripe lemons. Savor the golden amber color and luscious pineapple sweetness on the finish.

Spiced Blackberry

This sangria is made with naturally sweet fruit juices, ripe blackberries, and spices. Savor its rich deep ruby color and luscious berry aromas. Enjoy the delicious sweet blackberry flavors and lingering spicy finish.

Vanilla Chai Tea

This sangria is made with naturally sweet fruit juices and spiced chai tea. Savor aromas of vanilla and spice followed by luscious sweet apple flavors on the finish.