Paranormal Experience-Ghost Hunting 101/ Ghost Hunt

Have you ever watched the Ghost Hunting shows on TV and wanted to get involved yourself, but equipment is expensive and access to haunted locations is often difficult to obtain? Well, this is the class you want to be in! Join Paranormal Investigator Tabitha Roach as she teaches you how to investigate paranormal locations with low tech equipment. You don’t need a lot of money to be a successful paranormal investigator in fact you can use many items that are used everyday!

Though the paranormal has always interested Tabitha, she has been professionally investigating for 17 years. She has been featured on the Travel Channel’s “Buried Worlds,” Destination America’s “A Haunting”, and the Twisted Realm, and has done numerous radio shows throughout her career, including shows on Para-X radio.

For this date night class, you will learn how to use low tech ghost hunting equipment successfully, how to do an accurate “flashlight” session, we will also learn how to properly communicate with spirits around you during an investigation, and how to debunk evidence as its presented. What’s a ghost hunting 101, without a ghost hunt? We will also do a short ghost hunt around the vineyard…. as this place is a little spooky sometimes!

Tickets are very limited for social distance reasons and wine is not included in the ticket price.