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Are you looking for a unique date night idea, or do you just need to get out of your house and do something different? Well, we have an event for you!

The synopsis for the evening will go like this...

An elite crowd is gathered in the wine cellars of the renowned Château des Folles for an earthshattering introduction—the world’s oldest (and smelliest) cheese variety is about to meet a wine that has been scientifically formulated to bring out its full flavour.

Alain Bosc, the eccentric billionaire who sponsored the wine-and-cheese project, slouches up to the platform to greet the celebrities and aristocrats who have gathered here to sip and nibble. He gruffly thanks the scientists who genetically modified the wine grapes and the monks and nuns from the abbey that has been making the cheese for centuries.

Then he uses his fingers to take a piece of cheese from his solid gold plate, and follows it with a gulp of wine from his solid gold goblet. He licks his fingers and says, “Ah! A perfect pai—” before he chokes and falls to the floor, dead.

Can you say murder? You are there too—maybe YOU did it!

Tickets are $85 a person and include 1 complimentary cocktail, a wine pairing, and a mystery (of course).
You must be 21+ to attend this event.
48-72 after purchasing a ticket you will receive an invitation email. This email will contain your character information for the evening and a costume suggestion.

Because women are often more creative, and outgoing we tend to have more females than males participating in these types of events. Because of this, we cannot guarantee gender roles for this event. Which means, you may be playing a male or female character regardless of who you are.
Every character is vital to the success of this mystery! So if you purchase a ticket and you cannot attend, please let us know at least 5 days before, so we can find someone to take your spot.
Tickets will not be refunded unless WE cancel the event.

The pairing menu for the evening is as follows.
There are no substitutions for this event.

Unoaked Chardonay – Pecan Citrus Salad with basil vinaigrette

Sweet Rose- Strawberry grilled brie with crackers

Merlot – Truffle mustard ham biscuit with carrot slaw

Cabernet Franc – Oyster fritter over spinach

Decadent - Tiramisu with mocha crème anglaise

*Please note these are pairing portions and not dinner portions*

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