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Cider styles can vary from very dry and still to very sweet and bubbly. Cheers to them all! Our Ciders are made with our farm fresh berries and produce to make it taste more homegrown.


Lil Tart Hard Cider

Heirloom cider blend has a brilliant golden color that emanates delicate aromas of lemon grass and apple blossoms. Savor flavors of tart quince and candied ginger with a medium body on the finish. Enjoy this with goat cheese, fresh melon & prosciutto,  and raspberry pie.


Getting Saucy Cranberry Hard Cider

Heirloom cider blend fermented on fresh tart cranberries. A rose color emanating aromas of fresh raspberries and pears. Savor flavors of strawberry jam and ripe red currants that finish with a delightful mild sweetness. Enjoy chilled with extra sharp cheddar cheese, strawberry rhubarb pie, and roast turkey.