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Cider styles can vary from very dry and still to very sweet and bubbly. Cheers to them all! Our Ciders are made with our farm fresh berries and produce to make it taste more homegrown.


Hard Cider

Crisp dry English pub style cider has brilliant golden nectar that offers delicate aromas of spring honey and lemon grass. Medium bodied flavors of caramelized quince and guava Turkish delights linger on the palate with a luxurious creamy finish. Enjoy this chilled with local peppered goat cheese, fresh melon and prosciutto, grass fed braised veal shanks, or frozen custard.


Cranberry Hard Cider

Massachusetts is known best for our coastal Cranberries. We ferment them with a local cider apples blend. This hard cider has a beautiful ruby color with aromas of fresh raspberries and ginger. Flavors of strawberry jam and red currants are balanced with a refreshing cranberry tartness on the finish. Serve chilled with aged white cheddar or strawberry rhubarb pie.